NewTrain Family Day Care - "Learn & Explore in a Safe & Stimulating Environment"
Our Educational Program
A daily program is available at the service. Families will receive photos and observations frequently and be invited to participate in our program. Parents can ask to have copies of these at anytime. To help our service to reduce paper usage and to support sustainable living these will be emailed where possible. A closed Facebook page is available to families enrolled each year where photos and communication about the day can be viewed. This may include photos & videos so that each parent can see our program in action.

Our program has a strong outdoor play program where children are encouraged to explore, dig, build and create! Our environment allows for flexibility with an indoor/outdoor joined space where children can explore in either environment throughout the day. Our program also encourages excursions to local parks, schools and playgroups where children have the opportunities to make connections with their world and the community.

Our service is Montessori inspired!
Our Montessori inspired activities promote independence, prepare little fingers for writing,  appeal to the senses and most importantly are specifically geared towards the whole child and their developmental interests.

For a successful learning environment we regularly observe the child for interests and changes. It is key that this takes place so that we can document the childs developmental readiness.

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.” Mari Montessori

We welcome ideas for incursions and excursions at anytime from families.
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